Is there anything more fun than packing up your entire house and moving to a new home? Finding boxes. Finding the will to get off your ass and pack. Cleaning. Deciding what gets thrown away. Trying to wedge a California King up a flight of stairs. Moving is a real joy, isn't it? I think most Americans would rank it right up there with root canal and job hunting.

My family is currently moving, we're staying in Missoula and we love our home, but we've outgrown it. I mean, I'm sharing one bathroom with 2 guys. Which isn't too bad, because they're super considerate, clean dudes, but waiting in line sucks. I'd be lying if I said I've never taken a leak in my backyard. Our new place has less yard but an additional bathroom and more closet space, kick ass trade in my opinion.

As if this weren't fun enough, I'm also getting my tonsils out this Wednesday. Every single person who I tell says, 'oh that's no fun for an adult, recovery is the worst.' I found out that the reason it's not so bad for kids, but ultra sucks for adults is that a person my age has had so many sore throats that there's a lot of scar tissue to dig out. Gross, right? And my recovery time is 2 weeks. So our boy Shawn will be filling in for me on my Blaze afternoon show, no fill in on the Alt morning show, but you still get a ton of really great songs with a very limited number of commercials.

The silver lining is that cleaning out the house helped me find all of my rad concert memorabilia, and, I won't constantly have a sore throat and ears anymore. So I'm focused on that. Thanks for all the good vibes and best of luck to all as we face the Mayan apocalypse this Sunday!

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