Three valley fire departments responded to a late night fire at the Stevi Cafe Saturday, December 15. According to fire officials, the fire was contained in the kitchen area of the restaurant on the 200 block of Stevensville's Main street. No inuries were reported. Firemen from Stevensville, Florence and Victor came to the scene about 10 p.m. and blocked off Main Street while they put out the fire and cleared the thick smoke out of the building. The smoke caused the evacuation of the apartments on the second floor of the building. There was fire, smoke and water damage to the cafe and smoke damage to the apartments. Some smoke drifted into the adjacent North Valley Library, but there was no serious damage to the library, according the Stevensville fire officials.

Main Street was reopened after midnight, and the cold weather caused icy conditions on that area of the street. Investigation continues.

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