18 year-old Cameron Roullier was killed on Saturday after slipping on wet rocks and falling into the swift moving water and was swept over the cliff at Mud Lake Falls.

Lake County Sheriff Don Bell said the incident occurred just before 4:00 p.m. on Saturday.

“A group of young people were up sightseeing at Mud Lake Falls, and one of the individuals in that group got too close, and with the water running so high the rocks were all slick, and the young man went over the falls and fell quite a distance,” said Sheriff Bell. “The water up where this was is really roaring and there’s a mist in the air making it slick like its raining all the time, so people need to use extreme caution and stay away from the edges.”

Bell described the response once the young man fell down the falls.

“We got a call about this and Search and Rescue and Two Bear Air were called out,” he said. “They responded and recovered the victim and the male victim was sent to the State Crime Lab in Missoula.”

Bell encouraged anyone recreating near rivers and streams that with the sheer amount of snow pack coming off the mountains, to use extreme caution while near the water.

Mud Lakes Falls is located near Pablo in Lake County.

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