Does it feel like things are starting to pick up just a bit? Daily COVID-19 cases are dropping, more and more people are getting the vaccine, and the CDC just loosened their guidelines for gatherings. Not only that, but we're finally starting to see some events get scheduled that will bring us out of our winter hibernation. Brews n' Bonfires looks like it will be a lot of fun at Caras park - but how can you go wrong with friends, beer, a fire pit, food trucks, and S'mores? If it's the beer and food part that gets you particularly excited you might be interested in another Missoula event.

This is sure to be a night of fun - the KettleHouse Beer Dinner is happening at Pangea Bar & Restaurant on March 25. Enjoy a fantastic dinner while sipping on some of your favorite Kettlehouse offerings.....and some that might turn out to be your new favorites. Here's how they describe the evening on the Pangea website:

"This 5 course meal features the many amazing tastes of Missoula's own KettleHouse brewing. Chef Michael is whipping up an extravagant 5 courses that will be expertly paired by our in-house beer expert Curtis Ames. Tickets are $75/ea (does not include gratuity)."

The full menu for the night is posted below - but the dessert portion alone might be enough to get me in the door. Mmmm! The Strawberry Milkshake IPA sounds pretty delicious. The KettleHouse Facebook page says "4-packs available MONDAY 3/15 at both KettleHouse taprooms, and will start hitting shelves anywhere you can find KettleHouse beer next week!"


Fresh Bong Water

Amuse Bouche
Duck Confit Spring Roll: with mango slaw and Korean BBQ
Pairing: Slant Street Pilsner

Course #2
Fried Green Tomato Caprese: with buratta cheese, huckleberry reduction, lemon basil & balsamic pearls
Pairing: Hellgate Honey Hefeweizen

Course #3
Beer Poached Salmon Cakes: served with preserved lemon aioli & watercress Pairing: Fish On Juicy Pale Ale

Course #4
Steak Frites: grilled zabuton, white truffle bordelaise, pommes frites purée & onion bark
Pairing: Mexican Chocolate Porter

Deconstructed Strawberry Shortcake:  with sweet cream, angel food and strawberry sorbet
Pairing: Strawberry Milkshake IPA

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