Most of my family and friends live back in New York, and since I've moved to Missoula, I've had to travel back a few times a year for weddings, holidays, and other big family events. That travel has been put on the back-burner over the last few months thanks to COVID-19, but when I get back to that grind and start spending more time in the Missoula International Airport again, at least there'll be a few more options for me while I'm waiting for my flight to take off.

The Missoulian reports that, once phase one of the airport's construction has been completed, the new south concourse of the airport will be home to new locations for Kettlehouse Brewing and Black Coffee Roasting Co.

Now, I am very excited about this - who couldn't use a beer or a coffee before your flight takes off? The only thing is, it'll be a little bit of a wait. The first phase of construction isn't scheduled to be completed until the beginning of 2022.

But still! This is great news, especially after Kettlehouse had to close their Northside taproom due to the ongoing pandemic. And what better way to welcome travelers into Missoula than with these two Missoula-based companies?

Are you excited to see these new locations open up at the airport? Are there any other businesses you'd like to see set up shop there?

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