Move On Montana is inviting the public to join them in a caravan to show support for the Thrive Act. This jobs bill would reportedly bring 15 million good paying jobs to hard working Americans suffering during the economic crisis exacerbated by a global pandemic. Jobs in health care, energy, environmental, and local service. If you'd like to join the caravan, meet TODAY 4/7 at 5 p.m. at Arthur and McLeod Avenue as participants drive to Senator Jon Tester's office. Feel free to display posters as Getty Images has stated they are sending a photographer to cover the event.

Organizers state this bill is not a handout, but "an opportunity to get out of the desperate economic situation we find ourselves in." There are many parts to the Thrive Act, but some things it will do is work to ensure that Indigenous communities' rights are respected, with written approval before any construction begins. Also, 50% of the investment goes to communities like our own in Montana, hit hard by industry shifts and frontline communities bearing the brunt of economic hardships. These jobs & training are in the healthcare, environment, ecological restoration, construction, care, and service fields. "Well paid family-sustaining, union-friendly jobs!"

Join Move On Montana at 5 p.m. as they rally and raise their voices and drive to Senator Testers office. Organizers say that this bill has a 70% approval rating among all parties and that it is a great thing that all of us can come together to support - an opportunity for our fellow Montanans and our children to have a future where they thrive. If this sounds like something you'd like to support, register here.

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