Huge thanks to Logjam Presents and the Wilma for bringing Jimmy Eat World back to Missoula on April 24th! Our thanks to Neubauer Media as well, for the excellent photos. You're probably in these, so make sure to look through all of them.

If you missed this show, please slap yourself, it was sooooo fun. I think every single person in the room was pleasantly surprised by the awesomeness of opening band Beach Slang. A buddy of mine from Lehigh Valley, PA told me to make sure to catch their set, and I'm glad I did, they are not only hilarious, but incredibly talented. Their original material was outstanding, and Beach Slang got some great crowd interaction with their cover of 'Wonderwall' and brought everybody to their dancing feet with a cover of 'Where Is My Mind?" Plus, lead singer James Alex shared that people always tell him who he looks like in his concert get up, "Beetlejuice getting married" was my favorite description.

Jim Adkins and Jimmy Eat World always put on a helluva show. And Mr. Adkins gets bonus points for thanking those of use who came to his solo acoustic show at the Elk's club last year, and for mentioning that their very first show in Missoula was at Jay's Upstairs. They did a lot of the new album but made sure to dish out plenty of deep cuts and the hits. The crowd was made up of teens and parents alike, and huge groups of friends. JEW performed for more than 2 hours, to everyone's great delight.

That was a blast, can't wait to see you at the next one!

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