A great man once spoke about the “gaps” we fill in one another. That man was Rocky Balboa, but these sports-deficient Jeopardy! players might not even recognize him. A new viral clip sees all three contestants completely confounded by a football category, and Alex Trebek was not amused.

Thursday’s Jeopardy! naturally sought to capitalize on this coming weekend’s Super Bowl with a football-themed category, but there’s good reason the contestants left “Talkin’ Football” for last. As quickly becomes apparent with the above clip, none of the three contestants have enough confidence in their sports knowledge to buzz in even once.

Trebek initially takes the dead air in stride – joking about throwing to commercial – but seems visibly worn by the $1000 question. “If you guys ring in and get this one, I will die,” joked the host about an answer whose correct response was “Who are the Purple People Eaters?” Considering the health scare that recently sidelined Trebek from hosting, we’ll try not to read too much into that comment.

In any case, there’s small comfort in the fact that by not buzzing in, none of the contestants technically lost any money. More betting scratch for Sunday’s pool, just as soon as they figure out what teams are playing.

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