It's always refreshing to read positive news, and especially when it involves Montanans. You may have heard that MacKenzie Scott, more commonly known as the ex-wife of billionaire Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, has been handing out donations to some incredibly deserving schools, non-profits, and organizations. The 50-year-old author, blogger, and philanthropist announced in December that she planned to boost her charity to help those affected by the pandemic. And she has made good on her intentions.

MacKenzie and Bezos' 2019 split ended in the highest divorce settlement in history, making her worth about $59.8 billion. And she doesn't mind sharing it. Since her pledge to give more, a LOT more, she has reportedly donated $4 billion to 384 different organizations. And to me, she seems legit, her donations appear to be going to those in need, rather than already wealthy companies and corporations who can benefit her in some way. It's not even like that, to me, she seems very genuine in her gift giving.

One of the 384 organizations to benefit from Ms. Scott's generosity is Montana's very own Blackfeet Community College on the reservation in Browning. And the extra cool part is that the gift doesn't come with restrictions, according to the Missoulian, the college has time to think about how they want to use the funds most effectively, rather than being forced to rush to make sure the money is used before some deadline.

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