May the 4th be with you on this day we know as "Star Wars Day." This day has become more than just a play on words. It has bloomed into a real celebration of all things Star Wars. Much like Saint Patrick's day is a day everyone can pretend to be Irish, Star Wars day is a day when everyone can let their inner nerd out.

Fans of Star Wars create Montana Planet in the outer galaxy.

Fans of Star Wars vary in intensity. Some are merely fans of the movie franchise while others are far beyond the movies. Some fans are immersed in the Star Wars universe--a universe that consists of endless galaxies and planets. One of these planets sits on the outer galaxy of planets and is simply called "Montana."

According to the Fandom webpage

Montana was an Outer Rim world where people tended to get "funny" when they visited. JediValenthyne Farfalla found the planet to be delightful and bought a small ranch there to use as a vacation home.  After Farfalla's death, his home was converted to a Jedi outpost where teams were sometimes sent for various strategic purposes.


It makes you wonder what kind of creatures or people you would meet on the Montana planet. Would there be a large population of wookies? Do the ranches on the Montana planet raise the Thalia-Siren cows for their green milk? Maybe the ranches raise herds of giant Bantha. Or maybe Montanan space ranchers are simply a bunch of Nerf Herders. Regardless, it's pretty neat to think that Montana has a place in the Star Wars Universe.

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