MCPS is advertising an opening for the post of principal for the soon-to-be-completed Jeanette Rankin Elementary School.

Communications Director Hatton Littman said the present principal of Cold Springs Elementary won’t be moving on to the new school.

“We just had a recent change, and Mrs. Susan Daniel Anderson has decided that her career path is going to take a different turn and has let the district know that she will not be with us next year,” Littman said. “We have posted the position for the Jeannette Rankin Elementary School principal, which will be hired sometime this summer.”

Littman lists the qualifications for the new principal.

“We certainly want someone who is invested in education, who understands the district’s mission and vision and strategic goals, as well as someone who has a long history in elementary education, strength in English language arts and math acquisition learning skills, as well as experience in special education.”

Littman said the schedule for completion of the new school has been moved back.

“Due to some delays in the permitting and construction timeline, the new school is set to open in the late fall,” she said. “Students will start the school year with teachers in their classrooms at Cold Springs Elementary in August for the start of the school year, and then they’ll move in the late fall to the new building on Big Fork Road.”

Littman said the grand opening of the new school will include a ribbon cutting ceremony with members of Jeannette Rankin’s family that live in the community, as well as the neighbors, students and families of the school.

The school is one aspect of the combined $158 million bond issue passed in 2014.

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