We have been hearing of more and more bear sightings here in the five valleys, as the bruins are heading into their long winters nap. It is the 9th inning for bears looking to grab one more big meal before they crawl into bed for winter. Multiple bears have been reported wandering around the University of Montana. And biologists are warning that grizzly bears are starting to become more common in the Bitterroot Valley. Maybe it is time we turn to technology to help us fend off the bears? Who knows more about technological innovation than the Japanese?

Bears in a small community in Japan, have become more and more of a nuisance. And as the bears encroach on the small city of Takikawa. Thousands of reports of bear encounters have been made this year, and are currently at a 5 year high. So the people of Takikawa turned to technology to try and resolve the issue.

According to an article in the New York Times

Officials installed a “Monster Wolf” near a residential neighborhood and another in a field in a suburban area to keep the wild bears at bay.

The mechanical wolf, originally developed by the machinery maker Ohta Seiki, stands 2.6 feet tall and is four feet long.

With fake fur, bared fangs and flashing red eyes, the wolf turns its head from side to side and makes howling, screeching sounds when its motion detectors are triggered. 

When I first heard the news of this "Monster Wolf" robot, I immediately thought about the consequences of the robot being released on the public. Large packs of monster wolves roaming the countryside in an unstoppable blood lust. But, then I witnessed what they actually look like, and I was relived to see that they are not as frightening to humans as they are to bears.


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