Jack White is building up to his new solo album Boarding House Reach, which will be released on March 23, but there's one song on the disc that has a unique origin. During a recent interview with Rolling Stone, White revealed that he covered legendary gangster Al Capone.

According to Rolling Stone, White purchased a musical manuscript written by Al Capone while imprisoned in Alcatraz in the 1920s. The song “Humoresque” is a take on a piece by Czech composer Antonin Dvorák that was reworked by Capone. It features the line, “You thrill and fill this heart of mine / With gladness like a soothing symphony.” White was moved by the idea that a famous gangster was inspired by such “a gentle, beautiful song.” He said, “Human beings are complicated creatures with lots of emotions going on.”

The singer also shared a bit about recording his latest album. The guitarist, who tends to enjoy the struggle of playing guitars with a bit of resistance to them, opted to play Eddie Van Halen’s new signature guitar on the effort. The instrument made things a lot easier for White and it opened up a new level of guitar playing.

Boarding House Reach, which is the follow up to 2014’s Lazaretto, also marks the first time White pieced together tracks with Pro Tools. He was inspired to change some of his ways after comedian Chris Rock told him that nobody cares how music is made, which opened his mind and helped create a different and more wild sound on the upcoming effort. Fans can read the entire Rolling Stone profile story here.

Jack White, who recently revealed that his concerts would be cell phone free, will kick off his North American tour on April 19 in Detroit, Michigan. Check out all his dates here.

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