Have you seen the massive cowboy belt buckle in Billings?

This is perfect timing. Just a few weeks ago on my radio show, I was talking about a small town in the Midwest that is home to 12 of the "World's Largest" oversized things. It also has 20 other colossal items like a huge windchime, a gigantic golf club, and other curious, monster-sized stuff.

I was joking that I wished Billings had something that was the World's Largest too. It could be anything, right? The world's largest sugarbeet, the world's largest chunk of sandstone, the world's largest __________. I don't care what, just something silly or unique that we can brag about and tourists might stop for a photo.

And then... BAM. I found out today that we already have an awesome oversized thing, the World's Largest Trophy Belt Buckle at Billings Logan International Airport.

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The boots and the blood, the dust and the mud.

Rodeo is a big part of Montana culture, with our long history of cattle ranching and wrangling. It's fitting that the World's Largest Buckle is placed in Billings. The Magic City hosts the Professional Bull Rider's tour each year (April 12-14 this year), the Chase Hawks Memorial Rodeo, PRCA rodeo nights at MontanaFair, and more.

The Paul Bunyan-sized belt buckle was designed by Montana Silversmiths. The company has been a partner with the PBR since 2011 and renewed another 5-year deal in 2023. They design and manufacture all of the trophy buckles awarded to the top performers at PBR events.

Credit Billings Logan International Airport via Facebook
Credit Billings Logan International Airport via Facebook

You don't need to pass through TSA to check out the giant buckle.

A fresh round of expansion and renovations are nearing completion at the Billings airport. Next time you're picking up friends or heading out on a flight, grab a selfie with the World's Largest Trophy Belt Buckle. For now, it's on the 2nd floor lobby, pre-security.

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