Winter is a big deal in Montana.

People from all over flock to Big Sky County to enjoy all of the winter activities we have to offer. From world-class skiing to snowmobiling, there are several different ways to enjoy winter here in Montana.

The folks over at Elle Decor have come out with a list of The 40 Best Places To Visit In The Winter and not only did a Montana town make the list, it actually came in 13th place, which is impressive when you consider some of the towns that made the list. 

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Popular cities, countries, and regions like Greenland, Munich, Prague, Copenhagen, Banff, Switzerland, and the French Alps made the list of winter wonderlands from all over the world.

Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

Of course, when you think of popular Montana winter destinations Big Sky, Whitefish, and other popular ski towns come to mind, however, there is a tiny Montana town that recently made big news when it was voted one of the winter destinations in the world.

So which Montana town made the list? Well, before we reveal the town, let's take a look at some of the best ski resorts here in Montana.

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Located in Missoula County (80 miles northeast of the city of Missoula) is the tiny town of Condon, Montana.  The town with a population of just under 300 people is ranked the 13th best on the list of 40 Best Places To Visit During The Winter.

Elle Decor says the following about Condon:

"The quiet, unincorporated community of Condon is the perfect place to escape bustling life and take a moment to indulge in a cool, cozy respite."

Condon is also home to the Holland Peak Ranch, which is a popular winter destination that has multiple cabins, and its own private ice rink for guests to enjoy during their winter stay, not to mention several other activities that a perfect for a getaway for a couple or the family.

While Condon might be the only Montana town to make the list, there are several others across the state to enjoy during the winter with many offering hot springs, carriage rides, delicious food, and a little peace and quiet from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

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