Just 15 miles south of Bozeman, you will find one of the most serene locations. Surrounded by mountains, hiking trails, waterfalls, and wildlife, Hyalite Reservoir is a must visit when you are in the area.

From April 1st through May 16th every year, Hyalite roads are closed to motorized vehicles. This is extremely important due to the fact that the overwhelming amount of traffic wears on the asphalt roads and the ability to support the repeated motorized use during the spring thaw is difficult. Without this closure, additional surface cracking and potholes become inevitable. Even with this closure, hikers, bikers, and runners can still use area as they please.

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Summers are most popular as people are enjoying the water with their paddle boards, kayaks, and other outdoor enthusiasts soaking in the sun. You will often find it hard to park on a hot summer day. Over 20,000 people visit Hyalite every month in the winter and over 40,000 people visit every month in the summer!

Winters at Hyalite Reservoir are beautiful as well and offer ice climbing and cross country skiing for miles.

If you are looking for a close to home camping spot, there are three different campgrounds at Hyalite that offer you as much beauty as you could imagine within a short drive from Bozeman, Belgrade, and other surrounding communities.


When making plans to visit Hyalite Reservoir this year, make sure to bring your hiking shoes, bear spray, and of course, your camera. The views are remarkable. Keep in mind, cell service is extremely limited in the area and if you are planning a hike alone, let someone know when you are heading up and when you are planning on finishing.

cc: US Forrest Service

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