We are always reading about polls that have been done about Montana that are full of some sort of research that tell us the best, the worst, the cutest, the most affordable, etc. you get the drift.

Well another "best of" poll was taken, and I don't know if I truly believe this one to be 100% accurate. But it is also my personal opinion.

Far & Wide came out with the "100 Best Small Towns in America to Live In or Visit", and although I do love both of these towns, I personally would have went with towns that are less touristy, if you were to choose to live in either of them.

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Two Montana towns made the list of 100 Best Small Towns In America to Live In or Visit.

Coming in at #94 is the cute town of Whitefish. Whitefish has a population of a little over 8500 and is growing. Real estate prices are on the rise as people are flocking to this cute mountain town in hopes of owning a home next to one of the most popular national parks in the U.S., Glacier National Park.


The other Montana town to make the list doesn't really come as a surprise as it is also incredibly popular. With a population of over 3,000, Big Sky makes it's appearance on the list at #42. This ski resort town has seen growth over the last couple of years which essentially means finding affordable housing will most likely be scarce.

Skier at Big Sky
Big Sky Resort

As far as living in either of these two towns, you will need to have a bit of money stored away. Now if you are looking for a couple of great towns to visit, then this is spot on. Breathtaking views during all seasons of the year.

cc: Far & Wide

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