Last week, I revealed the highest-rated breweries in Montana ranked by users on an app called Untappd.

This week, I delve into the local watering holes. We'll look at the highest-rated bars in Missoula by users on Yelp.

What makes a bar a bar?

Yelp loosely defines some places as a bar. They lump breweries, distilleries and restaurants under the "bar" umbrella. I'm including all these because why not? The more the merrier.

That being said, I removed a few of the bars on the list because they had only single-digit reviews. Shoutout to Bar Plata for its 5-star review and shoutout to Create Art Bar for its 4.5-star review, but there are less than 10 reviews on each of their establishments. Y'all are great, but I needed more reviews to include you on our master list.

I also removed pizzerias and Notorious P-I-G. Again, nothing personal but I'm keeping it to bars/breweries/bistros.

What makes a bar great?

It's subjective, obviously. Some people like the hole-in-the-wall dive bar, some like the sports bar with a billion TV's, some like the fancy wine bar and some like the bar filled with hootenanies and cowboys. Missoula provides a nice variety of bars, breweries and taverns. There's something for everyone and a great place for beer enthusiasts. Just make sure you drink responsibly.

Honorable Mentions: Kettlehouse Southside Brewery (Myrtle Street Taps),

#10 Charlie B's (4.4/5)

Google maps
Google maps

I love a good dive bar. Charlie B's, located on Higgins adjacent to Break Espresso, provides a great dive bar experience. It's got neon signs, a clustered wall and cheap beer. Charlie B's "On the Corner of Space and Time."

#9 GILD (4.4/5)

GILD is found in my favorite part of town, the Hip Strip. Tasty beer, delicious tacos and a sweet arcade to play in on the weekends. Plus, during summer months you can belly up to their outside bar.

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#8 Great Burn Brewing (4.4/5)

It took me some time but I got around to checking out Great Burn Brewing just the other week. I give it two thumbs up. Good beer with a sun-splashed (usually) patio. Perfecto.

#7 Wally and Buck (4.5/10)

Beer is tasty but when you get voted the best burger in town for 4 straight years, then we're talking food. Look at that burger... hmmmmmm.

#6 Dram Shop (4.5/10)

Right next door to Wally and Buck, Dram Shop has been a popular response when I ask "What place should I check out in town?" It sounds like I need to make an afternoon of Dram Shop and Wally and Buck.

#5 Montgomery Distillery (4.5/5)

The first and last distillery submission to the list. If you want to sip on a cocktail and enjoy some killer vibes then Montgomery is for you.

#4 Cranky Sam's (4.6/5)

Sam's has a perfect location downtown, right next to Biga Pizza. They also host a great trivia night on Tuesdays. Beer. Pizza. Trivia. A perfect Tuesday night.

#3 Oddpitch Brewing (4.6/5)

Oddpitch is one of the younger entries on the list. The brewery just celebrated its two-year anniversary. Happy anniversary, gang!

#2 Imagine Nation Brewing (4.6/5)

Fun fact: This was the first brewery/bar I visited when I moved to Missoula. It will always have a spot in my heart. Plus, great beer and a scenic patio make it elite.

#1 Boxcar Bistro (4.7/5)

And finally, the highest-rated bar on Yelp is the Boxcar Bistro. If you want a taste of France this is as close as it gets in Missoula. Scrumptious food and some fancy-looking wine. (I'm not a win connoisseur but I'm sure it tastes great). 

Let us know your personal favorites.

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