Missoula, MT (KGVO-AM News) - Chief Deputy County Attorney Matt Jennings provided the weekly crime report on Friday which contained charges of a man who allegedly killed his mother on Mother’s Day weekend.

Jennings provided an overall look at the week’s crime report.

“This week we filed 16 felony complaints, and keeping with a recent trend, half of those were violent crimes,” began Jennings. “Three of them were property crimes. Four of them were drug crimes, and one is something that we consider an administrative crime. Within our category of violent offenses, about half of those were family violence and people that were living in the same household, then about four of those were nonfamily violence, and this week, some of those involved some members of our transient community.”

A Missoula Man Accused of Killing his Mother Topped the Crime Report

Jennings then focused on the matricide case that occurred over Mother’s Day weekend.

“In our violent crimes, we had a really tragic homicide on Mother's Day weekend,” he said. “It's alleged that a son killed his mother, and really credit in our community is owed to law enforcement for some of the work that they're doing both responding as quickly as they can when they get reports of these incidents and the amount of follow up work that they do and the high-quality work they do in our community. I just feel absolutely blessed to have law enforcement partners that are putting in the type of hard work that they are. When we get a homicide like this, they call in a ton of people and they're working around the clock. They're being taken away from their own families to make sure that we get the truth and that our community gets the justice that they deserve.”

A Strangulation Case Nearly Ended in the Death of the Victim

Jennings provided details about another violent crime that nearly ended in the death of the victim.

“We also had an attempted deliberate homicide last week that ended up being charged on Friday, so it's on this week's report,” he said. “In that situation, some neighbors called in a domestic violence situation in progress, and law enforcement literally ran into a house hearing screams. Inside, a man was on top of a woman, strangling her and allegedly trying to break her neck. Again, that's just the amazing, rapid response by law enforcement. I think there's a very high likelihood that last week, law enforcement saved a woman's life because of how quickly they responded.”

Suggestions on How the Public can Assist Law Enforcement

This being National Police Week, Jennings was asked what the public can do to assist in the crime-fighting efforts of law enforcement.

“There are lots of little things that people can do,” he said. “Obviously, always being conscious of their friends and their family and some of the struggles that they're having and trying to intervene and try and help them. People need help. I don't think a lot of folks that end up in this pit of addiction meant to be there. There are little things that people can do. If you know a friend struggling with alcoholism, talk to them, see what you can do. Sometimes stopping cold turkey isn't the only option for people but you can help them reduce some of the risk factors. Make sure they're not driving if they're using substances. Make sure they're in healthy relationships. Make sure they try AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) or NA (Narcotics Anonymous)."

Jennings was filling in for County Attorney Kirsten Pabst for Friday’s report.

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