How "die-hard" are you regarding your Montana Griz fandom? Do you own season tickets? Do you have a Griz tattoo? Did you name your dog Monte? Did you name your kid Monte?

Would you allow yourself to be buried at Washington-Grizzly Stadium?


Originally reported by the Associated Press, the University of Nebraska needs to conjure funding up for stadium renovations next year. In a "no idea is a dumb idea" move one U of Nebraska regent said they could raise money by burying Cornhusker fans beneath the field at Memorial Stadium. The regent said, imprecisely, "What if crazy Cornhusker fans want to have their ashes buried at our stadium for a fee?"



Listen, I am a die-hard Green Bay Packers fan. I love the Milwaukee Brewers and I love the Montana Grizzlies. But there are two sports-related activities I won't participate in:

1) Proposing to my significant other at a game as a spectator

2) Give permission to my loved ones to spread my ashes in the tombs of Washington-Grizzly Stadium.

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It's crazy, in my opinion, to place your remains at a stadium where 26 thousand fans show up to pound beers and watch college kids run into each other at full speed on Saturdays. I'm all for spreading your ashes at a place that means a lot to you, but I don't know if a college football stadium is that place.

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With that being said, if you're a die-hard Griz fan and want to be laid to rest at your favorite place, then I say more power to you. Although don't take this as permission to spread your loved one's ashes at Wa-Griz. I don't think Coach Hauck would appreciate that.

I can pose the same question to our friends over the hill in Bozeman. Cats fans, would you give your family permission to bury your ashes at Bobcat Stadium?


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