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Cold beer here...

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This weekend the Garden City Brewfest holds its 30th annual beer tasting event. For year 30, the Brewfest is rolling out a new "Brew Games Cornhole Tournament." Plus, over 50 beers to judge.

Beers available to sip will be vying for "Best of Show 2024." The coveted best overall beer has been given each festival since 2018. Looking back on the past winners, here are the breweries with "Best of Show" awards.

  • Hopworks Urban Brewing (Beer Time Pils)
  • Conflux (Alber Vienna Lager)
  • Firestone Walker Brewing Co. (Mind Haze)
  • Missoula Brewing (Americano Coffee Mild)

Who will be the next "Best of Show" winner? Let's gander at the odds.

Odds are fake and fabricated by me.

Four years, four different breweries took home the top prize. Your front runners this year are Missoula-based breweries. Bayern (+230) enters as the front-runner with four beers in the race, the most of any brewery. On top of the highest number of submissions, Bayern covers their entries with a black lager, a pale lager, a pilsner and a bock. A nice variety of submissions.

Followed by Kettlehouse (+245), Big Sky Brewing (+440), Draught Works (+610) and with three brews each. Kettlehouse has the next best odds thanks to a variety of entries as well (Hazy IPA, American light lager, stout).

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Awards are given to specific brews - Best IPA, Best Cider, Best Pilsner, Best Seltzer Best, Lager, etc. Here are the odds on favorites in each category according to Vegas (just kidding, it's my make-believe odds still).


  • Bayern Brewing's Pale Lager (+110)
  • Kettlehouse's 56 Counties Lager (+175)
  • Conflux's Alburg Vienna Lager Ale (+190)


  • Mountains Walking Sky Flowers IPA (+170)
  • Hopworks' Winter Ritual Cold IPA (+180)
  • Gild's Helles Lager (+220)
  • Great Burn's Fuego Grande Mexican Lager (+235)

Hazy IPA

  • Cranky Sam's Peaks to Prairie Hazy IPA (+180)
  • Kettlehouse's Great Haze in the Sky Hazy IPA (+190)
  • Tamarack's Big EZ Hazy Double IPA (+220)
  • Sacred Waters Brewing's Hungry Horse Hazy IPA (+280)


  • Bayern's Festival Pilsner (+150)
  • Bigburger + Deschutes Collaroation's Zwicki Pilsner (+380)


  • Tieton Cider's Huckleberry Cider (+120)
  • Last Chance Cider Mill's Perfection Cider (+160)
  • Western Cider's The Colonial (+250)
  • Stem Cider's Salted Cucumber Cider (+300)


  • Draught Works' Water Works Citrus Cowboy (+140)
  • Big Sky Brewing's Huckleberry Lemonade Seltzer (+200)
  • Upslope Brewing's Pomegranate Acai Hard Seltzer (+220)
  • Boulevard Brewing's Ginger Grape Hard Seltzler (+230)

Do you see how nice of a bookie I am? I'm giving plus odds on every beer. You're welcome, Missoula.

Here's the complete list of breweries and beers available for sipping this Saturday.

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