We ran into this situation a little while ago when someone came out with a list of the worst pizza chains and all five chains had locations in Montana. Naturally, I felt like they deserved to be defended.

Well, now we have a list of the worst ice cream brands in America, and yes, most of them are sold in Montana. You'll likely see 9 of the 11 brands identified by 247wallst at your local Walmart and in a few cases, Albertsons (or at the ice cream shop itself--the horror!) but can there ever be bad ice cream?!

Ice cream, like greasy pizza, is one of those foods that you indulge in. You indulge in a scoop or a slice, maybe suffer a stomach ache, and then hold off for awhile until you get your next craving for comfort food.

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Ice cream is also an "occasion food" so you probably have memories of birthday parties, anniversaries, or holidays with family where you had some of the very ice cream that has been dubbed the worst.

When 247wallst set up the parameters for what makes the worst ice cream they identified "flavor, texture, and creaminess" as key to having a good ice cream, but also pointed out the ingredients in ice cream that aren't very good for you (high fructose corn syrup and artificial flavors among others) can also make an ice cream the worst. There's also the fact that some things that are called "ice cream" aren't technically ice cream.

From their list, these are the brands that you might find in Montana stores.

  • #11 Kemps
  • #10 Blue Bunny
  • #9 Good Humor
  • #8 Friendly's
  • #7 Blue Ribbon classics
  • #5 Rebel
  • #4 Halo Top
  • #3 Baskin Robins
  • #2 Breyers

It seems like a crime against childhoods everywhere to name the worst ice cream brands, but if those brands are made with low-quality ingredients, I get it. But here's the part where my defense of national ice cream brands stops: if these are the worst brands, eat local ice cream instead.

We're lucky in Montana to have incredible local ice cream like Big Dipper and Sweet Peaks. Learn more about Montana's local ice cream, and here's to sunny days that beg for waffle cones with ice cream that drips down the sides. Yum.

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