Montanans like their trucks, actually I think it is safe to say Montanans love their trucks. Montana ranks as the state with the second most trucks per capita in the nation, just behind Wyoming. Right now you may not be seeing too may electric trucks on Montana roads. But, if you take a drive around some bigger cities, electric trucks are more common than here.

Montanans Have a Variety of Electric Truck Options

Ford, Chevy, and GMC have released electric trucks. There are also electric trucks from companies that may not be as well known, such as Rivian and Lordstown. Traveling outside of Montana over the last year, I have seen more than one Rivian truck on the road. One particular brand of electric truck that has gotten a lot of attention recently has been the Cybertruck from Tesla. Joe Rogan shot one with bow and arrow and it did very little damage to the truck.

Will Montanans Buy the Tesla Cybertruck

Will Montanans every buy the Cybertruck? Tesla may have just made it so less Montanans will want to purchase a Cybertruck anytime soon. According to a report from, Tesla may be penalizing buyers who try to sell their vehicles within the first year. The penalty could be as much as $50,000. The company is trying to make sure people don't try to cash in on the rarity of the vehicle. This is the first time I have ever heard of someone being punished for selling a vehicle that they own.

It May Be Awhile Before We See A Lot Of Cybertrucks On Montana Roads

I have a feeling it is going to be quite some time before we see a lot of electric trucks on Montana's roads. With the new rules put in place by Tesla, it may be even longer before we see a lot of Cybertrucks on our roads.

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