We have known in Montana for some time that we are no longer a secret. There is story after story about how many people are moving to Montana. There are stories about  how fast our state and our towns are growing.

Dubai Investment Group To Build Luxury Montana Resort

We recently brought you the story of the Dubai investment group that is building a luxury resort in Montana. The theory that only out-of-staters are the ones that are coming to Montana is now proven to not be the case.

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It looks like the representatives from Dubai may have just spent some time in Bozeman, Montana. Over the weekend a private Boeing 747 jet was spotted at the Bozeman airport and posted to TikTok by @772-Aviation account.


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It looks as though Montana is not only on the map nationally, but we are getting on the international map too. Only time will tell what something like this will mean for the state of Montana.

The jet wasn't here long as it has already taken off from another video posted by @406_aviation.

Montana is Growing and Not Getting Any Cheaper Any Time Soon

In the meantime we are getting more people moving to our area and one Montana town is one of the fastest growing towns in the country. That would be the same town that just had a private jet from Dubai spend some time. Bozeman also happens to be Montana's most expensive town to live in.


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