As the snow is falling in Montana and we are shoveling out, mowing your lawn may not be on your mind right now. Eventually the snow will melt, the sun will shine and the lawn may need to be mowed and trimmed. Even though it is work, for me, lawn mowing is something that I look forward to doing each year. It is almost a "Zen" like experience. Maybe that is because I don't have a very big lawn.

Not Everyone Needs A Lawn Mower

I have a neighbor that took out their lawn and replaced it with gardens and natural plants, no more lawn mowing for them. Their garden on the other hand seems to take much more work. When thinking about lawn mowing and the size of my yard, I never really thought about how yard sizes compare across the country. Until now.

The Biggest Yards in the U.S.

LawnStarter has released a list of the cities with the biggest yards across the country. Montana cities don't rank that high, but within Montana it was interesting to see which towns have the biggest lawns.

Before we look at Montana cities, here are the top 5 cities in the U.S. with the biggest yards.

  1. Carney, MD average yard size 1.140 acres.
  2. Linton Hall, VA average yard size 1.046 acres.
  3. Mequon, WI average yard size 0.966 acres.
  4. Caledonia, WI average yard size 0.951 acres.
  5. Fallbrook, CA average yard size 0.853 acres.

The town with the smallest yards in the nation is Hoboken, NJ with .011 acres average yard size.

Montana Yard Sizes

Compared to some of the above cities, Montana does not have very big yards at all. Montana's average yard sizes are not even half the size of the biggest yards in the nation. Here are the rankings of yard sizes in Montana.

  1. Kalispell average yard size is 0.442 acres
  2. Helena average yard size is 0.430 acres
  3. Bozeman average yard size is 0.398 acres
  4. Missoula average yard size is 0.376 acres
  5. Billings average yard size is 0.328 acres
  6. Great Falls average yard size is 0.222 acres
  7. Butte average yard size is 0.222 acres

List Held Surprises

Initially when I saw the list I was surprised by some of the sizes. Then I thought about it and it makes sense that Butte, would have some of the smallest yards because of the history of the town and how fast it was built. It also made sense that Helena would have some of the biggest yards, after all there was a lot of money there at one time.

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For the time being we don't need to worry about having to mow our yards. The mowing season will be coming soon enough.

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