"Beer, it's the best damn drink in the world."- Jack Nicholson

Montana has as deep connection with beer. Not just the drinking of beer, Montana takes the brewing of beer very seriously. Montana is home to quite a few award winning breweries and beers. We also play a crucial role in the manufacture of beer from some of the biggest brewers in the world.

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With our relationship with beer it would make sense that Montana should be teaching the next batch of brewers the art of making quality beer. Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana is now offering instruction of the beer brewing process.

MSU Will Be Able to Research Beer

According to MSU, the Montana Board of Regents last November approved the school for applying for an "academic brewers license". The license will allow MSU to brew small batches of beer as part of their research. They will be researching the different barley strains and what traits they have in different types of beer "in the pipeline from field to brewery". MSU's application was accepted in February.



Montana Has Planted More Barley Than Any Other State Recently

The U.S. Department of Agriculture reports that over the past three years, more barley was planted in Montana than any other state. With 1.2 million acres of barley planted in Montana in 2023. This will make Montana's connection with beer even more important in the future production of the beverage.

The Montana Brewers Association Awards for 2024

The Montana Brewers Association had over 50 Montana breweries enter their 2024 competition for best beers in Montana. Now we have a university that will be educating the next generation of brewers, using crucial ingredients grown in Montana.

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