This weekend may be an historic weekend for Montana. There is the excitement surrounding Lily Gladstone being nominated for the "Best Actress in a Leading Role" Academy Award. There is another event happening this weekend too and that is Sean "Sugar" O'Malley will be defending his title this weekend.

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Sean "Sugar" O'Malley, from Helena, Montana will be defending his "Bantam Weight" title at UFC 299 in Miami, Florida. He will be fighting Marlon Vera from Ecuador. The UFC's Bantam Weight division is 126-135lbs and Sean "Sugar" O'Malley is the current champion in that division.

Montana Sean "Sugar" O'Malley Title Defense 2024
Credit: ESPN MMA via Youtube

Re-Match With the Only Person to Professionally Beat Sean O'Malley

This is a re-match between Sean O'Malley and Marlon Vera. Sean O'Malley has 17 wins and one loss in his professional career. The only loss "Sugar" has in his professional career is against Marlon Vera which took place in August of 2020 at UFC 252. Since that fight, O'Malley has gone undefeated and Vera has lost 6 times. With this being a re-match, it should be a spectacular fight.

Sean O'Malley Credits Montana With Some of His Success

Sean O'Malley credits some of his success to growing up in Montana.

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Last season the University of Montana Grizzlies Football team invited Sean O'Malley to the season kick off game and he hoisted the #37 flag for the Griz. UFC 299 is available on pay-per-view this weekend. There will be plenty of Montana bars and pubs that will have the fight on for their customers, if that is something you choose to do. There are two Montanans that are going to be in the international spotlight this weekend, and that is something we can take some pride in.

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