Sometimes it's a good thing to be reminded of how cool it is to live in Montana. Since we call this place home, we try to focus on some of the positives. There is one subject that you may not think of as a positive about living in Montana, but it is, and that's ticks.

Montana Isn't Bad for Ticks-Borne Diseases

When it comes to ticks and "tick-borne diseases", Montana is not a bad place to be. Compared to other states, Montana is one of the best states to avoid the diseases that can come from tick bites.

The Worst State is New York

According to Pest Gnome, they looked at the "Worst States For Tick-Borne Diseases" and Montana is one of the best places to be. The worst state, according to their report is New York, followed by Pennsylvania, Texas, California and Wisconsin rounding out the top five.

Montana Is One of the Best

Montana is way low on the list, which is a good thing, coming in at number 41. Overall the best place to be, when it comes to ticks-borne diseases, is Hawaii, followed by Arizona, Utah, Idaho, and New Mexico.

They took into account multiple factors like, infestation risk, environmental factors, tick distribution, and pest control rankings among others. Montana's worst ranking came in the pest control category. We will have some tips to avoid ticks, but if you also want to avoid mosquitoes this summer in Montana you want to avoid these clothes.

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The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has a lot of tick tips. has a list of tips to help avoid ticks too. Here are a few.

  • Dark clothing doesn't attract as many ticks, according to National Library of Medicine.
  • Keep your yard well-maintained.
  • Make a barrier with gravel or wood chips between woods and lawns.
  • Check your pets and yourself after spending time in wooded and grassy areas.


Just because we aren't one of the worst states for tick-borne diseases, doesn't mean that they can't happen. You should continue to take precautions to avoid ticks and their bites.

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