In Montana outdoor sports happen all year round. We appreciate our outdoors, no matter what the weather. When the weather turns to snow, heading to the slopes for skiing, boarding, or sledding is something that a lot of Montanans do for fun. Not all outdoor sports have to involve a mountain, but for some you may need a body of water.

Montanans Like Frozen Water Too

Ice fishing in Montana is another popular hobby. There are so many lakes that freeze over in the winter that are popular among the anglers. If you want to use those frozen lakes for other activities, like ice skating, it may be difficult because of the snow.

Wild Ice Skating in Montana

There aren't a lot of wild ice skating places around Montana, because of the snow. Wild skating is skating on frozen lakes, before the snow falls. Here in Montana usually when we get frozen lakes, the snow is not far behind. There is a Facebook group that tracks some of the best places to wild skate in Montana. It is called Wild Ice Montana. There is also a spectacular video of some skaters skating on Canyon Ferry in Montana. You can check that out here.

One Location in Montana Made The List For Wild Ice Skating

There is one place in Montana in particular, that has made a list of some of the best places to start wild skating from Outside Magazine. That is the north end of Flathead Lake in Somers Bay. It can be home of some thick and clear ice. No matter where you skate outside, especially on a lake, you should always check the local conditions before going out.

Credit: Chris Wolfe
Credit: Chris Wolfe

Be Safe Wild Skating Montana

The closest I have been to wild skating was on a trip to Lake Louise in Alberta, Canada, check out the pic above. I had the opportunity to skate on the lake. It was a blast, but it was minus 12 degrees Fahrenheit at the time. We knew we wouldn't have an issue with the ice, we had issues with keeping our toes warm. If you are going to be heading out for some wild skating this winter, enjoy yourself and always be safe.

Montana's Top 10 Record-Setting Wild Weather Events

Montana is named Big Sky Country for several reasons, not only grandiose Sunsets but impressive weather events as well! Ask any Montana resident who has scoffed at the idea of tossing a blanket or snow shovel in the trunk of the car ” just in case”. Here is a list of Montana's Top 10 Record-Setting Wild Weather Events

Gallery Credit: Brian Lee