This week, the Missoula Building Industry Association will hold the Parade of Homes September 15-17. If you're interested in real estate, it's a great way to see what kinds of homes are being built in Missoula, and if you're renovating, it's an opportunity to pick up a few ideas.

At other times of the year, and especially during and after the pandemic, many people started looking at houses online, even if they didn't have any intention of buying. It became so common that Saturday Night Live created a skit about treating like a fantasy website.

But what about homes that aren't for sale?

Missoula's Most Interesting Homes

Do you ever just drive around looking at houses? If you do in Missoula, you'll find that there are a wide variety of homes, condos, apartment buildings, and the like that capture your attention--and for many different reasons.

Paying attention to things like style and architectural influence, as well as significance or notability, we put together a subjective list of some of Missoula's homes. There are certainly many more homes that would catch the eye that may not have made the list, and you can send your suggestions to us on the app.

PHOTOS: 15 of Missoula's Most Interesting Homes

Missoula has a variety of homes with interesting architecture and artistic details. Here are a sample of the many interesting homes in Missoula.

Take a Closer Look at One Interesting Home

If you're curious about what these interesting homes might look like once you're through the door, you can get a peek inside one. Below, you'll see more photos from the historic penthouse inside the Wilma Theater.

PHOTOS: Luxurious Historic Wilma Penthouse for Sale in Missoula, Montana

If you've ever wondered what the penthouse on the fourth floor of the Historic Wilma Theater looks like, here's a peek inside.

Can't get enough? How about these photos of a lodge near Ashley Lake.

SEE INSIDE: Stately 'European Lodge' For Sale on Montana's Ashley Lake

This gorgeous home, located on Ashley Lake in northern Montana, has incredible views. Take a look at the distinct interiors, the charming exteriors, and the impressive collections.