2023 was the inaugural season for high school baseball in Montana. The Montana High School Association voted in January of 2022 to have baseball included in state high school sports. According to the Montana High School Association, Montana has 21 teams across the state. None are in Missoula at this time. There is a group of parents in Missoula trying to change that.

Parents For Missoula High School Baseball

The "Parents For Missoula High School Baseball" has been formed to try to get a high school baseball team in Missoula. The group is planning on meeting with Missoula County Public Schools Superintendent, Micah Hill, today to present their vision for a Missoula team.

Montana Has Baseball Teams

The Bitterroot Valley has multiple teams. There is a team in Corvallis, Stevensville, and Florence-Carlton. Frenchtown also has a team. There aren't many Class AA teams in Montana. Butte, and Belgrade both have Class AA teams. I recently spoke with Missy Miculka, who is a member of the group of parents trying to get high school baseball in Missoula. One of the obstacles that has been discussed with the parents is a lack of funding. According to Missy, that can be remedied at least for the first year.

For the first year to get it off the ground, they are allowing parents to fundraise. After that all fundraising would be absorbed by the regular booster club fundraising.


Here Is A Way To Support the Cause

According to Missy, she believes the parents and players could fundraise enough money to fully fund the first year of baseball in Missoula. There is a planned meeting for the Missoula County Public Schools coming up on October 24th at 6pm, and they're encouraging anybody who would like baseball to be part of Missoula Athletics to attend that meeting in solidarity. Missy believes if Missoula can get a team, other cities in Montana will follow.

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Student Petitions Are Circulating In Missoula High Schools

In the meantime there are petitions that have been started in the three Missoula high schools, Hellgate, Big Sky and Sentinel for student support. The petitions reportedly have over 300 signatures in favor of high school baseball.

Hoping For Spring Baseball In Missoula

The group is trying to stay positive and work together with the school district. The hope is that they can get a Missoula team together in time for the next Montana state baseball tournament. The tournament is planned in spring of 2024 at Ogren Park Allegiance Field in Missoula.

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