The 2023/2024 football season was a pretty great season for Montana Football. It was also pretty good season for the Montana State University Bobcats and the University of Montana Grizzlies. The Bobcats made it to the FCS Playoffs with a first round bye. The Grizzlies made it to the FCS National Championship game in Frisco Texas. The Grizzlies lost the national championship to the South Dakota State Jackrabbits 23-3.

U of M and MSU Football is the Closest We Have To Pro Football in Montana

The closest thing we have to professional football in Montana is the University of Montana Grizzlies and the Montana State Bobcats. The Bobcats made it to the national championship game in 2021, they lost to North Dakota State, 38-10.

The Rivalry Is Epic

The rivalry between the two schools is the stuff of legend. It also takes a lot to get to the FCS National Championship game. There is no guarantee that either team will make it to the final game in 2025, but it is never too early to look ahead and hope that it will happen. There will be a change to the next FCS Championship game.

FCS Championship Game is Changing

The next FCS Championship game is scheduled for January 4th 2025 and is still planned for Frisco Texas. The next game is planned for a Monday instead of the regular Sunday game. This is good news.

This Change Will Eliminate NFL Crossover

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This year the FCS Championship game fell on Sunday January 6th, which was also the last day of the NFL regular season. With the NFL extending their season by an extra week there was overlap with the FCS Championship game and the NFL. This change will eliminate that and hopefully get more eyes on the game with it being held on a Monday. It also seems that every year I have some of work event where I have to be dressed in a tuxedo while trying to watch the game. This will eliminate that too. Let's all hope that at least one team from Montana will be playing on a Monday in January 2025. Let's go boys!

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