I never really understood the big deal about Montana having such a "BIG SKY." Does it seem like the sky is just as big in other states as it is here? I mean think about it, if you go to a place like Nebraska, it is so flat that the sky seems endless. So what makes Montana's sky bigger than others?

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A few years ago, my family was put in charge of hosting a family reunion. We were given the task of hosting a "bunch of flatlanders" from Nebraska, Minnesota, and Missouri. We decided to give them the full Montana experience and put them up at a dude ranch in Central Montana. Our extended family was having a ball riding horses and mispronouncing the name of every town in the state.


Also on the itinerary was a trip to the top of a mountain. We figured this would give these "flatlanders" a huge thrill.

After a few hours' drive on forest service roads, we made it to the top of one of the larger peaks in the Little Belts. It was there that everyone finally learned why the name Big Sky was given to Montana.


YouTube Channel, Wayne County Lyfe, is known for videos featuring a Michigan "dude" who goes on wild rants about just about anything that comes to his mind.

Well, the Wayne County Lyfe crew recently found themselves in Montana. Trying their best to wrap their minds around Montana's BIG SKY. To the point that they are nearly brought to tears. Watch as they attempt to describe just how BIG Montana's sky can be.

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