People all over the world love Made in Montana products. As someone who has created official Made in Montana products, I can tell you that just the name "Montana" is as recognizable as the Nike "swoosh" logo. People see that "Made in Montana" logo, and they immediately get transported to Big Sky Country.

Two popular Montana brands have joined forces to create an amazing BBQ rub.

When it comes to highly recognized Montana brands, nothing stands out more than Alpine Touch. A company that started in Whitefish in 1959 and eventually was bought by a family in the small town of Choteau. The seasoning has grown a lot over the decades, and can now be found in cupboards and on dinner tables around the world.

Outside of tasty spices, Montana is also known for its beer. We do love the "barley pop" here in the Treasure State. With dozens of breweries scattered all over the state, it is hard to pick favorites. One of Montana's most recognizable beer brands is the always popular "Coldsmoke" from Kettlehouse Brewing Company in Missoula.

"Coldsmoke"  is not only a popular beer. But, it is a popular ingredient in different Montana dishes. I have seen everything from "Coldsmoke" beer battered fish to "Coldsmoke" ice cream and even "Coldsmoke" gravy.

Beer and BBQ are a match made in heaven.

Now both Alpine Touch and Kettlehouse have joined forces to create what may be your new favorite BBQ rub. Lay your eyes on the Alpine Touch/Kettlehouse collaboration.

According to the Alpine Touch website

A collaboration formed in the mountains of Montana. This delicious blend of coffee, savory spices, and sweetness was inspired by the flavor of our favorite beer - COLD SMOKE! Now, in the cooler and on the smoker, enjoy this rub responsibly on all your BBQ favorites!

You can order yourself a shaker of this magic spice for $9.99 online, or be on the lookout for a bottle at a grocery store near you.

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