Fuel prices continue to rise across much of Montana. As we near peak tourist season, things will only get more expensive. Not to mention factors outside Montana playing a role in the price increase. Factors like the collapse of the bridge in Maryland, the war in Ukraine, and the war in Israel. All these things play a factor in our fuel prices.

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According to Patrick De Haan of GasBuddy

“While we seem to be nearing a short-term peak, one word of caution for those in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast: you haven't yet finished the transition to summer gasoline, so you may experience some sticker shock in a few weeks. Be prepared for somewhat of a punch.” 



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With the threat of prices going even higher this Summer, some people are preparing stockpiles of fuel at home. Saving what little money they can before prices jump again. But, could Montana limit how much fuel you can have?

New York State has a limit to how many gas cans you can fill and transport. The New York Department of Transportation says that you can only fill four (4) properly labeled five-gallon containers of fuel.


As far as Montana goes, no laws currently prohibit you from stockpiling fuel. Just make sure you don't waste it, as fuel does not last long before oxidation occurs and destabilizes the fuel.

The EPA recommends you never store more than 5 gallons of fuel and the National Fire Protection Association says to never store more than 25 gallons.

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