Yesterday marked the 2nd anniversary of the passing of a childhood best friend of mine. I tried my best to not be sad about it. So I told myself I was going to do something that I think he would have really appreciated. Something inspired by him that could really help the community. Something that would make me laugh. In honor of my pal Derek, I have compiled a list of the best public restrooms in Missoula.

Now, you are probably thinking "That sure is a weird way to honor your friend." Well, for anyone who knew Derek, he was sure proud of his extensive knowledge of proper places to go when nature calls. As a delivery driver, he managed to research just about every public restroom in town. He even had a map that he created that showed off his favorite bathrooms. Unfortunately, he passed away before he could bestow that knowledge on the world.

That is why I turned to you on social media for help. We recently asked Missoula where the best public restrooms are. Not surprisingly, your feedback was outstanding.

According to Missoula, these are the best public restrooms in the area.

Best Public Restrooms in Missoula

Now, I'm sure there are plenty more places in town that are just as nice as these spots. But, for those who know of the "secret spots" they hold their cards pretty close to their chest. I hope that you find this informative and useful. I know that our pal Derek is happy knowing he inspired a useful tool for the community.

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