It is that time of year. The time of year that people realize that strapping slick boards to your feet and falling down a hill is considered "WINTER FUN." Even though it feels like winter has barely arrived, it is the peak season for skiing in Montana. Montana's ski resorts had a rough start to the season with El Nino causing some delays of the much-needed snow. One ski resort in particular had its latest opening day since 1998.

According to KPAX

Blacktail Mountain Ski Area is finally opening, and this will be the latest opening in the ski area's history. The mountain was open one day during the subzero temperatures, but this week is the first time they have been open during their normal ski days, Wednesday through Sunday. The previous late start record was in 2004 when they opened the day after Christmas.

One of the first mountains to open this season was the Mecca for Millionaires, Big Sky Resort. Big Sky Resort is celebrating 50 years this year. As part of their celebration, they recently announced that Big Sky will soon be the home of the longest 8-person chairlift in the WORLD.

According to

The new eight-place lift will effectively double the uphill capacity while reducing ride time by 30%, offering guests swift and comfortable access to Big Sky Resort’s north side terrain from the Madison Base Area. This lift will also set a new record globally as the longest eight-place installation in the world. The new lift will be equipped with weatherproof Big Sky Blue bubbles, longer load intervals, ergonomically shaped, extra-wide heated seats, and a height-adjustable loading platform.

So how long will the "longest chairlift in the world" be?

The 8-person chairlift will stretch roughly 2,652 meters and is capable of carrying up to 2,745 guests per hour.

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