Growing up in Montana we lived outdoors. That's just the way it was. Never did I think we were getting exercise. We just liked to go exploring and play football. Turns out, that Montana kids are built differently.

Maybe it's because we had so much space to explore, or there really isn't much to do in a small Montana town so you have to create things to do, or maybe it's because our parents didn't allow us feral kids in the house from sunrise to sunset, but as it turns out, we were doing something healthy.

When it comes to the most active kids in America, Montana ranks right near the top at #3, according to In a recent study of Montana kids between the ages of 6 and 17 years of age 27.8% of Big Sky kids spend at least an hour doing some physical activity.

=Which U.S. State Has the Most Physically Active Children?


Now, I don't need to tell you why this is so important. And it just so happens we are blessed to live in a state with vast amounts of amazing places to explore. If you look down the list, it's easy to see that most of the top states are ones with vast outdoors and smaller populations. As a kid growing up in those areas, you wanted to get outside and just do "kid" stuff.  As it turns out, we're keeping ourselves fit and healthy!

You might be wondering "How much exercise a day should my child be getting"? This Center for Disease Control has a great article to answer those questions.

This is just another thing that made growing up in Montana so great, just as long as you had a snowsuit, jacket, 3 pairs of socks, and 2 pairs of gloves during the winter.

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