This last Saturday was a good ol' fashioned Montana Bobcat beat down. But there is one Bozeman Bobcat even a Grizzly couldn't take down. His name is Rudy Noorlander.

Last month we posted about Rudy's horrifying Grizzly attack experience.

On September 8th, Rudy was on a hunting trip outside of Big Sky, Montana. Rudy was being a good Montana hunter and helping two other sportsmen track down a deer they had just shot when every Big Sky Country hunter's nightmare happened. A Grizzly bear attacked Rudy out of nowhere. It happened so fast Rudy wasn't able to deploy his bear spray and to make matters worse, his gun misfired. The bear attacked Noorlander by the lower jaw and started shaking him around. According to reports, the other two hunters wanted to shoot the bear during the attack but were afraid of hitting Noorlander, so they started shouting and throwing rocks at the bear. 

Rudy eventually made it to safety and has been on the road to recovery ever since. It's no secret that he was already a Bobcat fan, and even a real-life Grizzly attack wasn't going to stop him from attending the Brawl of The Wild, even if it's in Griz Country. Our local Missoula new station, KPAX, caught up with Rudy at the game. Click here to watch the interview with Rudy. 

Rudy Noorlander Montana Grizzly Attack
youtube user KPAX-TV

I've been following this man's story/journey for a few months now, and It's people like Rudy who display the Montana toughness and spirit that makes this state great. This man went toe to toe with an actual Grizzly bear and lived to tell about it. He has nothing but my respect, even if he is a Bobcat fan.

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