Have you ever stopped to think how you would react if you ran into your teenage self on the street? What would you say? Would you be ashamed of how you behaved in High School? All the goofy things you did, that in retrospect, were not the smartest things? Face it, we all made bad choices growing up. The same goes for kids these days. The only difference is today's teens have seemingly more and more dangerous trends thanks to social media.

We have heard of kids participating in social media trends in the past. We have heard of kids eating Tide Pods and marinating chicken in NyQuil. Extremely stupid trends that somehow manage to take hold on a percentage of young minds.

Now, there is a new social media trend that is extremely dangerous for Montana kids. It's called "Chroming"


What is "Chroming?"

According to Parents.com, the method of teens getting high is not all that new. People have been "huffing" or breathing chemicals for decades.

According to Dr. Johnson-Arbor, chroming can take several forms.

  • Sniffing: Inhaling vapors directly from a container, such as a nail polish remover bottle.

  • Bagging: Inhaling vapors, like air freshener spray, directly from a plastic or paper bag.

  • Huffing: Inhaling gasoline, lighter fluid, or other vapors soaked into fabric.

Other than the typical side effects of "chroming," what makes it more dangerous than when you were a teen?


Everything is different these days due to the introduction of social media.

The term "chroming" has been around for some time. But, only recently has it become a popular trend for getting high among teens in Montana. Causing kids to inhale dangerous chemicals, simply for "likes" on social media. With some taking the trend to deadly levels.

According to Parents.com

Dr. Schwaner says that most teens do not become chronic inhalant abusers. But any abuse of inhalants poses risks, including:

  • Cardiac issues like dysrhythmia

  • Pneumonitis (inflammation of the lung)

  • Asphyxiation

  • Kidney damage

  • Increased cancer risk if using a product with benzene

  • Fainting

  • Burns to the face (many products are flammable)

  • Death

Bottomline, parents should talk to their kids about participating in any social media trends. No matter how harmless they may seem. These trends continue to get more and more dumb and deadly by the minute.

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