Well I can't say that I've ever heard Missoula described as "the Paris of the west" until I watched this video of Missoulians talking about why they live here.

Beyond The Divide: Welcome to Missoula is a 3 minute video that creator Jan Selby describes as "war, peace and the courage to find common ground." In it, you'll see some familiar faces including retired police chief Doug Chase and Bruce Micklus of Rockin' Rudy's.

One man from New York says his friends back home don't understand why he would choose to live here, and goes on to say that when it comes to NY "I don't miss it." I've heard that a lot from eastern transplants.

The way I always describe Missoula to people that are visiting or have never been here, is that everybody thinks their hometown is unique and special, but in our case, it's actually true.

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