Missoula is a beautiful, lively place during every season of the year. Whether you want to experience the winter holiday spirit, or you’re looking to enjoy the late-night festivities of summer, this is certainly the town to show you a good time. Is Missoula worth Visiting? In short, yes! Here are some of the events we Missoulians look forward to in each season.

Spring in Missoula

Spring in Montana is often filled with ever-changing weather, but that doesn’t stop Missoulians from getting out into the community. If you’ve already had your fair share of hiking and biking for the season, here’s some entertainment you can find right in front of you!

Kyiyo Pow Wow in Missoula Montana
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Kyiyo Pow Wow

Hosted by students at the Adams Center, this is a celebration of unity among the tribes in Montana. Every April, people from all walks of life come together to honor Native culture that they’re a part of, or are respecting! 

420 Block Party

This is a new annual event celebrated, as expected, on 4/20. On West Front Street, this free party starts at noon and lasts until 10 p.m. There are food trucks, craft vendors, and even live glass blowing. 

Summer in Missoula

The hottest season of the year, both temperature-wise and event-wise. This is personally my favorite time of the year, and here in Missoula, we know how to make the season count. 

Downtown Tonight

A Missoula classic event, hosted every Thursday evening at Caras Park. The fun goes from 5:30 to 8:30, and the first Thursday is always in the beginning of June. There’s musical entertainment and food trucks both for dinner and dessert! 

River City Roots Festival

A music festival held in downtown Missoula every August. This is a two-day weekend event where you can enjoy live music, tasty food, local brews, and a lively community! 

Farmers Market Missoula Montana
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Farmer’s Market

A wonderful event every Sunday morning starting at the beginning of each summer. The market is in downtown Missoula, and hosts a huge variety of vendors, creators, and artists to meet all of your wants and needs! 

Fall in Missoula

As the fall semester starts for the University of Montana, Missoula becomes an energetic epicenter for folks to jump right into the lively culture here!

Griz Game in Missoula, Montana
Credit: Angel, Townsquare Media


With both a parade and the exciting Griz football game, late September is a time full of local pride. The parade is right before the game is set to begin and is packed full of local businesses celebrating the return of the people that create the “college town” we’re famous for. 

MT Brewers Fall Rendezvous

An event in October to show off the talent of the local brewers. Join as the community visits Caras Park to try a wide array of unlimited craft beers, as well as enjoying food vendors and live music. With every ticket, you also get a free collectible glass to keep!

Winter in Missoula

Though it can be mighty cold during our Montana winters, there’s plenty of fun you can find out on the town. Try to find the time in your busy skiing/snowboarding schedule to enjoy these excellent festivities!

Parade of Lights in Missoula Montana
Credit: Angel, Townsquare Media

The Parade of Lights

A December holiday event celebrated on Higgins Street in downtown Missoula. This parade is fun for folks of all ages, and has beautifully lit floats that hand out treats and gifts!

First Night

A celebration of the new year on the 31st of December, associations from all over town put on events that include crafts in the university center, swimming at Currents, and a musical talent show called First Night Spotlight typically hosted in the Dennison Theater. There’s plenty of fun to be had as you welcome in the fresh start of the new year!

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