In late April the popular Missoula Mugshot website unacceptably shut down. Rumors swirled as to the sudden disappearance leaving locals bummed. The popular site was used daily by thousands to find out why their coworkers didn't show up for their shift in the morning or to keep an eye out for violent offenders.  

With nothing but a vague explanation that the site was becoming “too popular” and was forced to shut down, rumors started swirling. Did they get hit with a lawsuit? Did the daily traffic become too much for their servers to handle? Missoula may never know. They did however keep the Instagram page up, but only updated it periodically.

Out of curiosity, I visited the site today in hopes of some crazy miracle it might have returned under the radar. It hadn’t, but it wasn’t all a disappointment. A simple message at the top of the screen reads “GOODBYE?”, followed by a video clip from the film “The Wolf Of Wallstreet.” You know the clip I’m talking about. When the FTC forces the resignation of Jordan Belfort (Leonardo DiCaprio), he gives a rousing speech to his employees claiming, “I’m not f*&#ing leaving!”

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To me, this is pretty self-explanatory. The site has to be making a comeback, right? Obviously, there is a lot to look into here. They might be moving to a new site or taking to social media to post the daily bookings. Time will only tell. From what I can see they have never made a dime from the popular page. There were never any ads or popups. It seemed they (whoever you are) were just running the site as a “community service.” I’ll be checking daily for any updates, and fingers crossed, we’ll all be back to snooping like a nosy neighbor in no time.

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