This is brilliant, I love what Hershey's has done here. Much like your kids, the candy companies also do not want Halloween to be cancelled, so Hershey's teamed up with Harvard Global Health Institute to release an interactive map to show if it's safe to trick-or-treat in the county you live in. "Safe" in the sense of COVID-19, not for crime or anything like that.

There are 4 colors assigned to risk levels on the map based on a rolling 7 day average of COVID cases per 100,000 residents. Looks like green is a solid go and red is a hell no, stay home and make popcorn balls. According to the map, Missoula is currently a yellow, with 6.2 new daily cases per 100k residents, Montana state as a whole is in the orange. It's still 6 weeks 'til Halloween, so naturally this could all change by the time the big day arrives. By the way, Halloween is on a Saturday this year. It finally falls on a Saturday during the year when parties may be unlikely. Awesome. Very 2020.

Check out the map for yourself and keep up with changes HERE. Below the map, you can see a list of activities suggested for your color code, Zoom parties, scavenger hunt, porch pics and 'grown folk fun' are just a few alternative choices to trick-or-treating. In fact, the list of alternate choices looks like a pretty fun list, no matter your color code.

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