You're probably familiar with Native dancer Supaman, as he grew up here in Montana and is famous for his fancy dancing and rapping. He's a member of Apsáalooke Nation, born in Seattle, but raised in Crow Agency, and is chock full of talent and wisdom. Supaman's latest viral video starts with a very brief history about Indigenous dancing, and how the government forbid Native children, and anyone under the age of 50 to participate in traditional dancing and activities. It's a sad, awful history that still affects Native communities today.

The video is only one minute in length, but has been shared thousands of times on TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. The fancy dance displayed is slowed down so you can really see the beauty of the regalia in action, and the impressive movements, you can see the post below.

Supaman's approach to sharing Native culture, history, dancing and music is like none I've ever seen before. His unique style and presentation is truly impressive, I recommend giving him a follow on TikTok, and checking out some of his music videos here. Just a few of Supaman's accomplishments include being awarded The Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Award in Canada for best video, and being voted MTV’s new Artist of the Week. His 2018 nominations scored him awards for Best Hip Hop Album and Best Producer at the Indigenous Music Awards.

In other Native News, this Saturday is the final chance to enjoy the 4th annual Indigenous Film Festival. It's only $10 and this weekend's movie is "Top End Wedding." The fest is typically one weekend in November but we got to enjoy movies every Saturday due to pandemic adjustments. The t-shirts are pretty cool, too, you can get one here.

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