If you own a Nintendo Switch or a Switch Lite, you may have experienced drifting with the left control stick. Or maybe your kids own the Switch and have been complaining about the controller not doing what they want it to, or conducting commands that don't make any sense. It's not you, or your kids' fault, a lot of people are having this issue. So many, in fact, that there are currently two class action suits against Nintendo because of the problem.

Switch owners have tried to fix the problem on their own, by either using canned air to try and spray out any crumbs or dust that may be mucking things up. Others have taken the entire device apart and found worn down parts due to a lot of use, which, you should know, voids your warranty, keep that in mind before you go that route. Especially since Nintendo will now fix it for free.

My son took his Switch up to Best Buy to ask the Geek Squad about the drifting of the left control, and they said it's such a common problem that there is now a dedicated link on the Nintendo website with instructions to send the device in to be fixed for free. If you're outside your warranty, there could be a fee associated, but it's not likely. Our experience was a simple mail-in return of the device, they said there was no fee, and that we would get it back within 10 days. You can learn more about problem with the controller and the lawsuits here.

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