Last year, before COVID Madness, a couple of vegan vloggers stopped by Missoula for three days of typical Missoula fun - the Carousel, Farmer's Market, The 'M'. The couple travel the world in search of vegan adventure on a budget, so naturally, they ended up here.

Josh and Alisha put together the 11 minute video below, and I wanted to post it for two groups. For Missoulians who are not currently living here and are homesick. And for Missoulians who are currently here and are missing your regular summer delights for one reason or another.

The couple shout out Five On Black, Veera Donuts, Biga Pizza, The Catalyst, Logjam, Second Set, Market on Front and Montana River Guides. They had three days of amazing experiences that we live all the time. In fact, my favorite comment on their Missoula video is "I can proudly say as a Missoula resident. That I have smoked weed in almost every spot in this video." haha, check out their video below.

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