Back in the day, most people woke up to their favorite local radio station. We had alarm clocks that told the time and had a built in radio. Instead of waking up to a loud beeping or bells, the voices of your favorite, wacky morning team or sound of your favorite songs would cause your eyes to pop open. A lot of people no longer have alarm clocks, and more than 60% of Americans have switched to using their smart phones for their morning alarm. SO, we've made it possible for you to wake up to your favorite radio station on your app.

It's simple. Open your app and hit the menu in the upper left corner.


Choose 'Alarms' - your saved alarms will be listed. If you don't have any saved yet, create a new one.

On the 'Alarm Details' screen, you'll see that you can choose the Sound. If you have an iPhone, choose 'Default', on Android it will say 'None.' This choice will default your alarm sound to the radio station. Don't forget to hit SAVE!


If you're wondering if you should trust your wake up call to a random radio station app, the answer is absolutely. It's what we use at the station, and outside of KC, none of us are ever late. Set your Blaze app alarm to wake up to Free Beer and Hot Wings or set your Alt 101.5 app alarm if you prefer to wake up to music in the morning.