It's recommended that Missoula families stay home, go out as little as possible and work from home if we can. Many elders are afraid to even go to the store. And even when you do get to the store, many are wiped out of things like TP, canned goods, pasta and sanitizing wipes. Starting tonight, Missoula bars are closed and restaurants are on delivery/pick up/drive through only service. With that said, here are the most simple ways we have found to get groceries, food and more.

-Orange Street Food Farm app: you can order on your app to pick up within a couple of hours, they also offer delivery.

-Rosauer's Online Express: curbside pick up, you can drive right up and they load it for you.

-Fresh Market Click & Go: order online for pick up

-Albertsons Online Grocery Delivery: order online, they deliver or you can pick up

-Walmart: pick up and delivery

There's also a service I haven't tried personally but it's called Instacart. They will pick up and deliver from Costco, CVS, Natural Grocers, Petco, Smart Food Service (formerly 'Cash & Carry'), Albertsons & Target. And I believe delivery is free on your first order. The website says they have same day delivery in as little as one hour. If you have anything to add to this list, please email so we can keep the public up to date.

Recommended by listeners: Instacart, mentioned above, HelloFresh, DoorDash, Uber Eats, GrubHub.

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