Holy smokes Missoula! Over the holidays, we asked you to clean out your closet and bring us your gently used or unused backpacks for our "12 Days of Giving," and you most certainly delivered.

As we explained in our original request, when children are removed from the home,  many times they will throw their belongings into a garbage bag that they end up taking from place to place. We wanted to provide Child & Family Services with some backpacks to offer when they pick these kids up, and you all donated around 200 bags and backpacks!

Not only that, half of the backpacks were brand new and filled with basic toiletries, AND Bikers Against Bullies threw in $500 for even more backpacks and things to put inside. Honestly, when we teamed up with The Sweat Shop Studio for this project, we thought we might get about 20 bags and that would be a great start. But you all kept coming by, dropping off bags and warming our hearts over the holidays. We even received backpacks full of goodies in the mail from Seattle and New York! It's an honor to live in this giving community, THANK YOU for your kindness and generosity.

Photo by Angel
Photo by Angel

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